How to nominate Moonriver collator

To nominate, a collator in the Monnriver network needs to follow a few simple steps

Nominate a collator

To nominate, you need to go to the web application https://apps.moonbeam.network/moonriver/staking after clicking on the link, you will need to connect the metamask wallet where the rewards for participation in the crowdloan were claimed.
In the window that appears, in the field 1, select the address of the collator of interest, then in the field 2 enter the amount of nomination, then click Nominate, and you will need to confirm the transaction in metamask (the commission for this transaction is 0.000063 MOVR)
After you confirm the transaction, all your nominations will be displayed in the staking section. Also in this section you can manage your nominations by changing the amount of tokens and numbers of collators.
Address of our WEB3-SPACE collator in the Moonriver network