How to nominate Darwinia Crab validator

To nominate, a validator in the Darwinia Crab network needs to follow a few simple steps:
  • Bond your tokens if you haven't already
  • Nominate a validator

Bonding tokens

In order to nominate a validator, you first need to stake CRING tokens and get POWER tokens for them, for this, go to the application https://apps.darwinia.network/#/account where we have already added an account with CRING tokens.
After we have opened the above link, we need to select the correct network, for this, in the upper left corner, click on the arrow, in the window that opens, select the Crab Network and click Save & Reload
Next, go to the Staking menu in the START section, click Staking now
In the window that opens, we need to correctly specify the following parameters:
  • stash account - piggy bank account from which CRING tokens will be bonded
  • controller account - the account controller is selected the same as the previous one
  • value bonded - the volume of tokens that you want to deposit for nominations
  • payment destination - the account to which I will receive staking rewards
  • lock limit - (optional) allows you to receive an additional reward in CKTON tokens, the amount of which will depend on the selected period from 1 to 36 months
Attention: If you unbond CRING tokens before the locklimit time, you will be fined three times the amount of the reward in CKTON tokens.
After everything is filled in, click the Bond button, then Sign and Submit in the window that appears, enter the password from the wallet and click Sign the transaction.
Attention: Do not lock all CRING tokens, leave some to pay transaction fees. Please also note that in the event of a unbond, coins will only be available after 14 days.

Nominate a validator

Being in the same Staking menu in the POWER MANAGER section, information appeared about how many POWER and CKTON coins we received, then you need to press the Nominate button.
In the window that appears, in the filter field, enter the address or name of the validator of interest, then in the left window, click on the required validator to add it to the right window, then click Nominate, then Sign and Submit in the next window, enter the password from the wallet and click Sign the transaction.
Address of our WEB3-SPACE validator in the Darwinia Crab network
Commission 5%